Friday, February 19, 2010

I Am Scared

I am scared to death of scared people who "overcome" their fears by surrounding themselves with automobiles.

I am really scared of scared people who don't realize – or won't admit – that by "solving" their fears with power and speed and crash-resistant steel, they force this "solution" on everyone who lives in their midst.

I am scared of you. I am scared of many people in my own family. I am scared to say anything, because when I am scared, I nearly always scare other people. I am terrified of how scared we are.

Sometimes, in my fear, I have struck out with angry words at people who force their vehicular “solution” on the world. I have found myself surrounded by people who vociferously condemn my words. I have found myself bereft of allies in the battle against those who “speak” with a metallic force that often maims and kills. Or perhaps I should say, in the battle against the fear that drives the speakers.

Sitting comfortably on our rear ends inside a room and talking and or watching a video will make exactly zero (0) difference where it matters – on the streets and sidewalks of our communities. Nor will casting a ballot once every two or four or six years. No one else is going to make Change happen for us.

Solvitur ambulando.


Johan said...

yesterday, a friend told me I'm a real danger driving fast on a bicycle lane of a main road in my velomobile (checkout, or, or ...).
She was entering the main road and had to hit the brakes.

I replied to her who was the real danger. I would never be able to enjure her in her 'little tank' with my 35kg vehecle, even at 40km/h...

There's this car sticker "NO FEAR".
I'd like to put this on velomobile one day.

HanZiBoi said...

Hey Johan!

I hear what you're saying - like a person in a 18 foot, 3-ton, 300 HP vehicle is "threatened". But for most motorists, their car is their second skin.

So what brand and model of vielomobile do you own? Do you ride it in snow? How does it handle with strong side winds?