Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If I Am a Teacher

If I am a teacher, I will never so much as whisper that that more education might not be The Answer to all of the world’s problems.
If I am an auto worker, I will never ask people to drive less – or not drive at all.

If I am a construction worker, I will never admit that Wisconsin can’t afford to maintain our current inventory of highways, much less construct more of them.

If I build houses or shopping malls, I will vehemently deny any suggestion that we already have far more residential and commercial space than we need.

If I am a machinist at an arms manufacturer, I will never ask people to disarm.

If I work for the Department of Transportation, I will never recommend downsizing my department.

If most of my customers drive to my business, I will fight anything that might impede their driving.

If I work for a fossil fuel company, I will never urge people to wean themselves from coal or oil or natural gas.

If the shut-down of fossil fuel companies would decimate the value of my pension fund, I will fight any law or policy that threatens their profitability.
If the end of Economic Growth would shrivel my Social Security and Medicare payments, I will close my eyes to evidence that Earth cannot sustain Business-As-Usual for much longer.

If I am Hans Noeldner, I will not ask you to not listen to me…or not support the causes which burn in my heart.

I too am afraid of not being chosen.  Are you?